Foothills WetRun - the most fun
and exciting race within the NC area

The Foothills 5K WetRun is a race for many benefits. Elkin and the surrounding foothills community is the ideal environment to host a 5K with the prestige trails, historic downtowns and beautiful parks. This course will start in the park beside the outdoor bandshell taking the racers first through the newly renovated Big Elkin Creek Greenway. It then comes back through the park on the opposite side of the track touring the downtown only to return once again to the Elkin park. Along the route there will be water of all kinds spraying and soaking the runners which will be much appreciated on a hot day in June. At the end of the course will be the large blow up water slide enabling the runners to celebrate a finish in style. Immediately following the race will be the Christian concert of the year featuring nationally renowned artist Michael Tait with Newsboys. Medals are to be given out soon following the race and racers are encouraged to stay for the concert. Registration will also be held the day of the race.